Welcome to Bit Bank

Using a combination of Privacy, Tech, Finance and Security. You can privately Trade, Invest, Shield and Vault your Assets with confidence!

Clients are empowered by Zero Knowledge Proof, Military Data Encryption and Swiss Data Protection Laws and the safest Data Centre in Europe... The Swiss Fort Knox.

  • BNKD DAO - Community-run Ecosystem that is the backbone of Bit Bank, Governance and Rewards for stakers and developers of the Protocol. BNKD Liquidity Pool to provide liquidity to our xTrade Exchange and Futures Trading platform, with strict Treasury Governance, Council leaders such as the Swiss Council and the Privacy Pioneers Foundation take Voting Rights over the reward schemes and the proposed implementations.

  • xTrade - A Privacy Exchange and Derivatives and Futures trading platform with, the lowest fees in the market and up to x25 times trading leverage!

  • xVault - Offering clients a Discreet Digital Assets Custody solution in our Swiss Fort Knox Vaults.

  • xShield - Shielding of Assets - Using Zero Knowledge Proof technology we can create secure X Assets and vault them in our Swiss Fort Knox vault.

  • xInvest - Hedge Funds, Fixed Returns, Metals and Venture Capital Investments. Wealth Management - Securing generational assets for Family Offices, Foundations, and High Net Worth Individuals.

  • X Assets - Anonymous Synthetic Derivative Trading Asset Creation.

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